Dwight Mullen, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

As a Teaching Professor, Dr. Mullen was committed to both his students and to being professionally active. Specifically, he offered courses in Public Policy, American Politics, African and African-American politics. His scholarly activities included panels chaired and papers presented at meetings of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists; overseeing undergraduates’ research projects covering the State of Black Asheville; and serving in local, state, national and international capacities that aim to improve the delivery of public services to underserved populations.


  • PhD in Political Science, Atlanta University
  • MA in Political Science, Atlanta University
  • BA in History and Political Science, Loma Linda University

Courses Taught

  • POLS 220: Principles of American Political Behavior
  • POLS 343: Politics of the Civil Rights Era
  • POLS344: CL13: Black Political Thought
  • POLS351: The Administrative State
  • POLS 349: Political Science Fiction
  • POLS 362: African Politics
  • POLS450: Pol Studies/Contemp World
  • POLS471: ST:State of Black Asheville