Who We Are

At UNC Asheville’s Political Science Department, politics is much more than a topic of conversation. Not only do we study the theory behind government systems worldwide, we examine the complex relationships between these systems and culture, history, economics, and social institutions to understand how politics shapes contemporary life. Through our liberal arts focus, small classes and dedicated faculty cultivate students who ask questions and think critically and creatively about the political world, communicate effectively in diverse communities, and are actively engaged in local, national, and international life.

What You’ll Learn

Political science majors learn the defining concepts, theories, and methods political scientists use to study and explain political phenomena. They, in turn, apply this knowledge to their own real-world research, like collecting and presenting data in the Asheville community as part of the department’s ongoing project, The State of Black Asheville. All political science majors perform community service, participate in internships, or conduct research relevant to their interests and career goals, and many also study abroad. Upon graduation, students are prepared to live rich lives and embark on meaningful careers in government, public service, law, journalism, teaching, international relations, and other related areas.